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August 11, 2007

at the Robbins Health Alliance


We accept cash or the following credit cards:

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Gift packages available!

Skin and Body Harmony, LLC is a female owned skin care and wellness center in Stone Mountain, GA. Our mission is to provide customized skin care services, natural skin care products and holistic wellness therapies to health savvy women while reducing our carbon foot print on the environment. Celebrities enjoy the privacy and personalized service we offer both in our location or at their home/studio.  Our goal is to provide quality treatments and education. 
ALOMA LILLY™  natural products are available here               

******* Gift Certificates are always the perfect gift. Order on-line 24/7 *********
         You can never go wrong with the gift of wellness




June is Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month
visit: www.MGWalk.org/SkinandBodyHarmony


In The Press:
Acai Journal Issue 87.1
Skin Inc 2007, 2008
Day Spa Magazine 2008
Renew Magazine 2006
Aquarius 2005 2006 2007
BET/The Mo'Nique Show 2011 episode 2139

1324 Rockbridge Road SW | Stone Mountain, GA 30087 | Phone: 770.925.8505  Fax: 770.564.1231| skinandbodyharmony@yahoo.com

If your call has not been returned in 24 hours please call upstairs at 770-564-1399 or send us an email.

Tuesday - Friday  by Appointment only.  We accept all major credit cards and cash. We do not accept checks!!


Higher Vibrational Moment: 

    I Like this quote I dislike this quote“We must choose to embace who we are at all times, love ourselves without judgement, follow our own dreams and give back to the universe." - D. Pennycutt


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